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Home Cleaning in Melbourne

Home Cleaning in Melbourne

During the winter months, the cold and flu is passed on in offices, schools, restaurants, shops and even within your home. You may be doing everything possible to keep away from it when you are out, but your home is definitely the one place you don’t want to see it! You can’t always get around catching the flu or a cold, but you can prevent getting sick in your home by following home cleaning in Melbourne tips to keep your house as clean as you can during this inevitable season of germs.

Keep Contact Points Clean

The main contact points in your home are places that germs can unknowingly spread from person to person. A Maid in Melbourne tip that is great to follow is to make sure these touch points are cleaned frequently:

•Door handles and locks
•Stair railings
•Light switches
•Toilet handles
•Sink handles in the kitchen and bathroom
•Remote controls
•Stove knobs
•Refrigerator handles
•Computer mice

While you should keep these areas clean anyway, when you are home cleaning in Melbourne it is especially important to do so during the cold and flu season. Disinfectant wipes are a quick and easy way to clean each and every contact point in your home. You can also spray a disinfectant onto a soft cloth and wipe all problem areas down. If you are really worried, a handheld steamer can quickly chase away germs on all of these areas. When home cleaning in Melbourne, make sure your touch areas are clean to avoid germ spreading.

Watch Sharing Items

Another home cleaning tip in Melbourne when you are in the midst of the flu and cold season is to watch what people in your home are sharing. For example, when someone in the home is sick or showing signs of getting ill, make sure no one shares any bath or hand towels. They will also need to be washed on a more frequent basis to avoid illness. Another home cleaning in Melbourne tip is to make sure all bedding is washed and dried on a hot setting once a week if someone is sick. Home cleaning in Melbourne is vital when it is cold and flu season, so follow these tips to make sure your place is germ-free.